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Social media has turned into ad networks for THOTS


Twitter, Reddit, instagram (kinda), snapchat, Tinder, even discord, they are now just advertising platforms for women with Onlyfans or maybe Patreon or Manyvids to sell their 'product'. It results in a lot of free content that is publicly available, but I dont get why these platforms are so willingly allowing their services to be filled with smut. And I dont think its similar to the case of Tumblr, where porn was a large amount of the content, and removing it hurt the platform. If you took porn off twitter, or reddit, who cares? Does anyone else feel the same way? That is weird that these giant companies that have billions of dollars and want to have corporations selling ads on their platforms are fine with the invasion of amateur porn?


Its all about the money money money, I'm sure they have bean counters working out the porn to family friendly content ratio, what they can get away with before loosing big advertisement companies. They are walking a fine line as pornhub found out recently.


everytime i go into twitter i see fucking thots everywhere




As long as the business is making money I don't think they care?

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